Gaspin: Bravo staying its course


Bravo president Jeff Gaspin said that under NBC ownership, the channel will
stay true to its roots.

"Bravo will continue to be an arts-and-entertainment network. This focus has
been abandoned by others, and this is an opportunity to own," said Gaspin, who
is also NBC's executive vice president of alternative programming.

At Bravo's upfront presentation Tuesday night in New York, Gaspin unveiled
his first programming slate for Bravo's 2003-2004 season, headlined by three new
series and a pricey acquisition.

New series include a Cirque Du Soleil variety show and More than
, an eight-episode series tracing the roots of hit songs like
"Heartbreak Hotel" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Bravo's first reality show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where five
gay lifestyle "experts" make over a desperate straight man, hits in July.

The network, which just passed 70 million subscribers, also plans 11 specials
and limited series tied to arts and entertainment.

The Reality of Reality, a five-part series, will examine the reality-TV
craze. Stage Moms looks at moms of wanna-be child stars, and The TV
explores TV's impact on society from Will & Grace to
All in the Family. Both of those are five-part series, too.

Of course, some Bravo classics, like Inside the Actors Studio and
highbrow movies, are still front and center.