Garrett returns to Raymond


The entire cast of CBS’s Everybody Loves Raymond was expected back at
work on Wednesday, with hold-out Brad Garrett securing a pay raise and a small
percentage of the show’s syndication profits, retroactive through the show’s
first season.

"We’ve been told that Brad is returning to work on Wednesday," said a CBS
spokesman. "We look forward to welcoming him back."

Garrett’s new deal will likely more than double his current salary, which
earns him around $3.5 million a year, sources say.

The rest of the cast -- Patricia Heaton, Peter Boyle, and Doris Roberts --
also secured small back-end stakes in the show after every member of the cast,
except Ray Romano himself, expressed dismay over their salaries.

Romano, the show’s titular star, and executive producer Phil Rosenthal have
been talking about ending the show after this season, which would cut the actors
out of the additional year of salaries they had been expecting.

All of the show’s actors, except Romano, have signed contracts securing them
through 2004-05, which would be the show’s ninth.

Romano is the highest-paid actor on television, earning some $1.8 million an
episode, an annual salary of around $40 million.