Gannett Broadcast Revenues Are Up


Gannett said Wednesday that its broadcasting revenues were $205.4 million for the second quarter of 2006, up 3.8% from the same quarter in 2005.

The company said the boost was due to political advertising as the midterm election campaigns heat up, as well as to a 65% boost in station online revenues, plus gains at Captivate.

What's Captivate? Gannett delivers video programming, including CNN and news from its owned stations, to some 7,000 wireless digital screens in elevators in 21 markets.

Broadcasting expenses were 4.7% higher. Without stock given to executives as part of their pay packages, the increase would have been 3.4%, said the company.

For TV alone, the second quarter revenues were $199 million, up 3.2% from 2nd quarter 2005's $192.8 million.