GAC Creates Family Hour (OK, Two Hours)


Cable net Great American Country is creating a "family-friendly" dinner hour block

Starting March 6, GAC is launching Mainstreet, a two-hour block from 6 to 8 p.m.

Previously it had been a two-hour music video block, and it will remain a two-hour music video block. It's just that the channel will make sure the videos are suitable to the whole family. "We don't want to point fingers at any artist," said a spokeswoman for the channel, refusing to point fingers at any artist,  "but what you won't find are any suggestive messages. These are videos that will have family values."

Since the beginning of the year, GAC has been rebranding itself into more of a mainstream, younger-targeted , less "rustic" (their word) network.

As part of that rebrand, GAC will also rename its GAC Classic series The Master Series starting March 6. That will allow it to include artists from the 1990's and today, rather than confine the show to the oldies it had featured befor. "Now, it features artists that have careers now," said the spokeswoman.