G4 Sets Its Sights On CES

Network planning six hours of linear coverage, "best of" showcase for Consumer Electronics Show.

Comcast owned G4 is getting into high gear for its coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The young-male targeting network is betting that its key demos will be interested by the many gadgets, gizmos and technology on display.

G4’s coverage of CES is the latest in a series of live event coverage for the network, which has included videogame expo E3 and Comic-Con.

“It is critical, it is one of the tent poles or cornerstones for us,” says Neal Tiles, president of G4. “Covering live vents is a critical application for us, as a network that is dedicated to serving the young male demo, we need to be in the places that are talking about the things they are most interested in.”

The network is planning six hours of live linear coverage, three each on January 8 and 9, as well as 60 second interstitial updates throughout the day. The linear coverage will once again be sponsored by Acura.

For its nonlinear coverage, G4 is leveraging its new media credentials and expertise to provide up to the minute updates. The network will be liveblogging 20 of the largest press conferences, including Sony, Microsoft and Paramount and will have round the clock updates on its “The Feed” blog. It will also be streaming its own “Best of the Best CES 2009” presentation, which features the coolest gadgets of the show as selected by the network.

The nonlinear content will appear on its website, and will also be available as a podcast, through PS3s and Wiis and via mobile. Users will also be able to chat about the show using Twitter, with some of the most useful or relevant appearing as part of its coverage.