G4 To Provide Comprehensive Comic-Con Coverage


G4, which just recently had extensive live coverage of the E3 conference, will be providing similar coverage of this week’s Comic-Con.

The centerpiece of G4s coverage will be Comic-Con ’07 Live, which will provide live reports from the convention in San Diego, and recaps of the day’s events. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn, who also hosted G4’s E3 coverage, will reprise their roles as hosts the show.

The live show will feature interviews with celebrities and attendees, including JJ Abrams and the cast of the film Superbad.

G4 will also have exclusive news, photos and interviews on G4tv.com. Interactive elements, including video viewer mail and viewer voting will be used throughout the coverage.

Comic-Con ’07 Live will air on G4 July 26th-27th.