G4 Announces E3 Coverage


G4 has announced their programming coverage for the upcoming E3 conference. E3 is the trade show of the electronic entertainment industry, with a focus on video and computer games.

All told, the network will deliver more than 17 hours of show coverage, as well as exclusive extra coverage on their mobile and broadband platforms.

"E3 is still the single most important gaming event of the year and G4 will have more coverage, across multiple media platforms, than any other news source,” said Neal Tiles, president of G4. “This year we're focused on getting the G4 audience inside every exclusive event, press conference and game demonstration possible.”

G4’s coverage will begin with a two-hour pre-show on July 10th, and will run throughout the week, concluding with a two hour wrap-up July 13th. Each of the big three videogame console makers, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be the subject of a “Spotlight” which will take a look at their respective E3 offerings and provide live coverage of their media conferences.

Each evening during the conference, G4 will air E3 ‘07 Live, which will feature game footage, previews, interviews with developers and manufacturers as well as the day’s news from the show.

G4 Multiplex, which consists of G4’s non-linear and new media platforms, will also have exclusive coverage.

G4TV.com will feature web-exclusive video, pictures and interviews, and will have a live E3 news blog so that gamers can get the latest news as it happens. G4 will have podcasts featuring highlights from their programming as well as developer interviews. Additional special content will be made available for mobile platforms and video-on-demand.

Viewers will get expanded interactive coverage for this years E3, including live reactions and responses to game demos through stickam.com, live feeds from three webcams on G4’s E3 ’07 Live stage, web based viewer chats during the broadcasts, and the ability to submit video questions to interviewees.