Funny Frog


The WB Television Network's Keith Marder is a stand-up kind of guy ... literally.

As the warm-up for the netlet's presentation to TV critics a couple of weeks ago, Marder's cut-up act might be best called Last Director of Network Communications Standing. (No word on whether Marder will take his show on the road.) Here are some of the highlights.

On former WB bigwig Jordan Levin: "As you know by now, my friend Jordan Levin is no longer with The WB. He's contemplating his next move or trying to figure out who starred in the reality version of Crossing Jordan."

On NBC's Father of the Pride: "Who's going to watch Siegfried & Roy? The tigers don't even like them anymore. Siegfried and Roy, animated? Of course they're animated. They're gay."

On the indecency crackdown: "I heard that PBS is upset with the FCC , and I agree. They just fined Sesame Street for an episode that was brought to you by the letters 'F' and 'U.'"