FTC to stay focused on media violence


Monitoring the marketing of violent products to children will continue to be a focus of the Federal Trade Commission under Timothy Muris, the Bush administration's choice to head the agency.

"I think the commission has done very good work in this area and I plan to continue it," Muris told the Senate Commerce Committee at his confirmation hearing on Wednesday. Muris also plans to continue work on Internet privacy. He also said he expected merger review to be a small part of the FTC's work. "It is clear that it is difficult to bring monopolization cases," Muris said. "But one has to look closely at monopolization and I would expect that would continue. But it's not a major expenditure for us."

The panel, chaired by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), took it easy on Muris, who held three different jobs at the FTC, when Ronald Reagan was president. "I plan to move your nomination to the floor next week," McCain told the George Mason University Law professor.

The panel also questioned Bruce Mehlman, the administration's nominee to become the Commerce Department's assistant secretary of technology policy and a long-standing Republican who has worked for the National Republican Congressional Committee. Both nominees are likely to gain rapid confirmation from the full Senate.
- Paige Albiniak