FTC shoots holes in diet spots


We knew it was too good to be true. The Federal Trade Commission has filed
suit against a diet product that claimed in radio ads that it would take off
pounds effortlessly (without diet or exercise) while allowing its customers to
eat "pizza, beer, tacos, nachos, cheese grits and donuts."

According to the FTC, the 30- and 60-second radio spots for Body Solutions
products had been running on 650 stations in 110 markets.

The commission said the product was being marketed primarily through
deceptive radio ads, many using DJ endorsements.

"Typically, the ads were read by local radio personalities who purportedly
used the product and were presenting their personal experience," the FTC said.

Texas and Illinois are among a number of states that will file separate suits
against Body Solutions marketer Mark Nutritionals, which filed for bankruptcy in

This was the FTC's first enforcement action since its Nov. 19 workshop and
report on deceptive diet ads. The commission has committed to cracking down on
such ads.