FTC Sees Too Many Violent Ads


Violent movies, music and video games continue to be marketed during TV shows children are likely to watch, a new government study finds.

In its fourth report to Congress on the entertainment industry's marketing practices, the Federal Trade Commission found continued progress in providing rating information in ads and in limiting sales of R-rated movie tickets, but little change in ad placement.
To prepare the report, the FTC reviewed marketing plans from nine producers of R- and PG-13-rated movies, explicit-content labeled music, and video games rated for mature or teen players.
The commission also tracked advertising in media popular with kids to determine whether they included rating information and whether Parental Advisory Labels on music packaging complied with recommended sizes.
Movie studios continue to advertise violent films on television shows watched by audiences with large numbers of teens, the report finds. Music with explicit content continues to be advertised on cable music channels many teens watch. As for electronic games, the commission said the industry should improve disclosure of rating information in TV ads and on game packages.