FTC puts squeeze on diet deceiver


The Federal Trade Commission has filed suit against Slim Down Solution LLC
and related companies for its "D-Glucosomine" weight-loss products sold in
infomercials that have aired on Bravo, Comedy Central and Pax TV.

It also sought an injunction against any future false claims about the
efficacy of its products, which include "Fight the Fat," "Everslim," "Mini Max" and
"Slim Down Solution."

The FTC announced last November that it was cracking down on weight-loss ads, and
Friday, it again implored the media to "stop selling advertising to purveyors of
pills and potions that exploit overweight Americans with outrageous claims."

When asked whether the FTC would go after the media companies that carried
the infomercials, Howard Beales, director of the agency's Bureau of Consumer
Protection, said, "Not today."

Beales added that the FTC would continue to refine its fraud guidelines, and
that it needed to do a better job itself of informing media companies about what
constituted fraudulent weight-loss claims.

He said the FTC would continue to work with the media to improve the

Among the claims the commission asserted were fraudulent was that the products
"cause substantial weight loss without calorie reduction or exercise, enabling
consumers to lose at least 10 pounds and two inches in 30 days," and that
customers could lose weight "even if consumers eat substantial amounts of food
high in fat, including hamburgers, chocolate, cheesecake, chicken nuggets and
french fries."

The FTC took action in December to pull the plug on similar claims, mostly in
radio spots, by Mark Nutritionals Inc.