FTC halts Rhino


Facing charges that it deceptively marketed its cell phone radiation
protection device in TV ads, Rhino International has settled with the Federal
Trade Commission.

Rhino International (WaveScrambler patch) and Safety Cell Inc. (Waveguard
shield) both agreed not to suggest in their ads -- Safety Cell marketed its
device over the Internet -- that their products, which fit on a cell phone
earpiece, "could block a substantial amount of radiation and other
electromagnetic energy emitted by cellular telephones, thereby reducing
consumers’ exposure to this radiation."

They are now required to have scientific evidence for any claims they do
make, and must point out in their ads that most of the radiation from cell
phones comes from the antenna and parts other than the earpiece, and that their
product does nothing to impede that radiation.

Rhino has also agreed to pay $342,665 to consumers who bought its product.