FTC Bashes Balance Bracelet


Attention: All those with an imbalance of positive and negative energy due to an excess of static electricity in the body will have to look elsewhere to relieve their chronic pain.

The marketers of Balance Bracelet, hawked in TV infomercials on line, have agreed to pay $400,000 to the Federal Trade Commission to settle an FTC complaint that it had broken the law and deceived consumers with claims the bracelet, "electro polarized" by a secret process, was a "fast-acting, effective pain reliever" for arthritis and other maladies because it returned the body to a balanced ionic state.

According to the agreement, they can no longer make claims in their advertising that their pain relief bracelet relieves pain and must recall all packaging that makes that claim.

As with virtually all such settlements, there is an avalanche clause that requires the defendants, Media Maverick and its principals, to pay $14 million if the court finds that they have misrepresented their finances.