Frog Plays Cockeyed Cupid


Billing it as "good looks meet good grades," the younger-skewing WB (whose mascot is Michigan J. Frog) will launch the six-episode Beauty and the Geek Wednesday, June 1, at 8-9.

In a scenario that could be ripped from the pages of Maxim magazine, the reality show, from Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg (Punk'd), pairs what are described as seven academically impaired girls with seven brilliant but socially challenged guys for a chance to win $250,000 dollars.

"We gave seven guys a fantasy and seven girls a reality check," said Kutcher in a statement.  "Ultimately, that's what Beauty and the Geek is."

The pairs will compete in various activites, from spelling bee to massage lessons to a competition for the "girls" to build a working rocket (they're not rocket scientists, get it?).

"During these competitions, the geek must try to pass his brains onto the beauty," WB says in a release on the show, "while the beauty tries to pull the game out of the geek.  They're so far apart on the social spectrum that they're practically different species, but if they make it to the end, they could both walk away gifted and gorgeous." Although that will only work if the geeks aren't too geeky.

The show is from Katalyst Films and 3 Ball Productions.