Fritts Gets Two More Years


The National Association of Broadcasters is ready to keep longtime president Eddie Fritts on board for at least another two years.

Two weeks ago, his future was in doubt.
At the NAB show, the organization's joint radio/TV board Chairman Phil Lombardo staged a rather public, but abortive, coup to oust Fritts. Deep conflicts over the group's future still smolder.
Fritts's allies in the radio business rolled over his TV critics last week by winning a two-year addition to his contract, which expires in June.

The extension, agreed to by the NAB's executive committee, will be formalized next month. Fritts wasn't talking about it.


The Fritts Years

After an awesome 23-year run, NAB chief Eddie Fritts is about to step down. His record is awesome—but not flawless. He helped the industry shed onerous rules limiting the size and power of radio- and TV-station owners. At the end, however, he couldn't repair fissures that have divided broadcasters in fundamental ways.