Friends could see 10th season


The door to another season of Friends appears to be open just a crack.

During the NBC portion of the Television Critics Association press tour, NBC
Entertainment president Jeff Zucker suggested that the sitcom might continue despite
previous word that the show's next and ninth season would be its last.

"I don't want to ever believe that it's absolutely going to be the end . I
think it's most likely the final season, but I wouldn't 100 percent rule it out,"
Zucker said.

The show's producers were less optimistic.

"We're certainly approaching this as if this is the last season and sort of
planning our stories accordingly," executive producer David Crane told a packed

Added executive producer Kevin Bright: "If this was not going to be the last
season, we would have to know that, like, now, because everything is planning
toward that, and so it's not something that can be a last-minute decision."

If that sounded like the door closing again, Marta Kauffman wouldn't let it
shut: "[It's] not that we couldn't come up with another season if that were in
front of us, but it does feel a bit like things are coming full-circle; our
characters are growing up, it may be time. Also, we don't want to overstay our