Friars honor pioneer TV comedy writer


Buddy Arnold, one of the forerunners in modern television comedy writing, will be honored by the Friars Club of California on Wednesday.

Arnold will be joined by friends Milton Berle, Jody Berry, John Byner, Norm Crosby, Budd Friedman, Larry Gelbart, Buddy Hackett, Hal Kanto, Aliza Kashi, Jeffrey Ross, Sammy Shore, Jerry Vale, Jan Murray and others.

Arnold began writing for Milton Berle and The Texaco Star Theater in the late 1940s. He subsequently wrote for Milton Berle on every television show Berle had until 1966.

He also wrote for The Red Buttons Show on CBS in the early 1950s and for such stars as Jackie Gleason (1967-1971), Dean Martin (1972-76) and Jonathan Winters (1972-73).
- Richard Tedesco