Free Press: Million-Plus Sign Save CPB Petition

More than a million sign petition opposing defunding
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More than a million people have signed a petition opposing defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
That is according to Free Press, which along with and others were collecting the online signatures.

Republicans are proposing cutting out the funding as a cost-savings measure, and have made zeroing out CPB funding part of their proposed continuing resolution to keep funding the government through September.

"Poll after poll shows that NPR and PBS are the most trusted sources for news and information," said Free Press Campaign Director Timothy Carr in a statement. "Parents trust programs like Sesame Street to help their kids learn. And in some parts of the country, public media are the only source for local news....Republicans in Congress would do themselves and their constituents a service if they'd focus on solving the economic mess instead of posturing about public TV and radio," he said.

Republicans argue that zeroing out CPB funding is part of a $100 billion in cuts directed toward helping the economy by reducing unnecessary government spending.


Republicans Target NPR and CPB

The House Energy & Commerce Committee will “examine certain editorial and employment standards and practices” at National Public Radio as part of its communications oversight, according to the committee oversight plan