Free Press Calls on Members to Ask Congress to Block Comcast/NBCU

Group argues merger would put too much power in hands of one company

Sporting a logo of the Comcast "C" devouring the
NBC Peacock, Free Press was circulating an e-mail Wednesday (March 10) calling
on its members to ask their Senator to block the deal.

The e-mail linked to a form letter that could be easily
fired off to Capitol Hill. "Don't be silent on this issue," says the
group, which is one of the deal's strongest critics. "With a few clicks,
you can push back against Comcast."

The e-mail comes the day before Comcast Chairman Brian
Roberts is testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee about the proposed
$30 billion joint venture.

Comcast is particularly interested in the NBCU studio
product and cable channels. Free Press says that is particularly troubling.
"The largest cable and Internet access provider could also control one of
the nation's largest movie and TV studios. That's too much power for one

Comcast and NBCU argue it is a vertical deal that has
relatively little overlap and with volunteered conditions that will protect access
to broadcast and online content and increase program diversity.