Franken Campaign Asks Supporters for More Money in Ongoing Court Battle for Senate

Both sides have rested in Coleman's appeal case

Both sides have rested in incumbent Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman's court challenge of Democrat Al Franken's Senate victory, but the Franken campaign isn't resting in trying to raise more money for what will be an even-more-protracted fight.

Franken, a former Saturday Night Live contributor, on and off-air, won razor-thin race after a recount, but Coleman challenged it.

If Franken wins in court, Coleman has signaled he will keep appealing.

The Franken campaign sent out an e-mail Wednesday asking supporters for more money to continue the court fight. It sent out a similar request earlier this month.

"Our talented legal team is working around the clock to protect what we won together. But with Coleman promising to drag this process out as long as possible, your continued support is what will keep us going and get Al to Washington."

Franken campaign manager Stephanie Shriock says she expects a ruling any day.

Coleman was ahead in the initial November vote count, but only by a few hundred votes, which triggered an automatic recount. Franken overtook him by 225 votes in the recount, which was certified, then declared victory and said he was ready to serve, but Coleman filed suit, saying there were inconsistencies with the Canvassing Board's tally, including the failure to count some absentee ballots. Franken was not seated with the rest of the Senate in January because of that ongoing legal challenge.