Fox Won't Carry Obama Address To Congress

ABC, CBS, NBC all carrying speech

Fox Broadcast Network confirmed it will not carry the president's prime time address to Congress Sept. 9, though its News Corp.-owned cable cousins will.

Sept. 9 is premiere night for the new season of So You Think You Can Dance at 8 p.m., plus the first new episode of Glee since the Spring at 9.

CBS, ABC and NBC are all planning to carry the 8. p.m. session, as is NBC owned cable network MSNBC. PBS will also carry it, coverage courtesy of The NewsHour.

The president has made a habit of using prime time broadcast real estate to talk for his press conferences.

Fox did not carry the President's July 22 press conference, which was also on a Wednesday night. So You Think You Can Dance wound up beating the press conference rating on any of its competitors that time around. Instead, the network directed viewers to sister cable network Fox News Channel.