Fox, USA share In Search Of


FOX has ordered six episodes of a revamped version of syndicated docu-drama series In Search Of. To be produced by Studios USA and steered by Blair Witch Project team Haxan Films, the show will air on both FOX and the USA Network in a shared broadcast window.

In Search Of will reenact supernatural tales. But the new version will incorporate the flair present in The Blair Witch Project.

This is the first time FOX has partnered with a cable network on a series. In Search Of will air first on FOX, and a week later run on USA.

Haxan Films already works under the 20th FOX shingle, but Studios USA needed to be brought on board because it owns the rights to the original In Search Of, which was hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

The second incarnation of In Search Of-no host has been assigned-could hit as soon as this fall. The Endeavor agency brokered the deal.