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Fox TV Stations Launch FoxHiLites.com

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Yet another broadcast group has gone back to school. Fox Television Stations has launched FoxHiLites.com, a platform for sharing video and commentary for high school students. 

FoxHiLites.com “encourages students to act as their own local news team,” according to Fox, uploading video and views on everything from high school sports to music. Fox says “local web teams” will view each video before it’s posted for security reasons.

The online communities launched in 23 cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington.

“Whether they’re interested in sports, the arts or showing school spirit, MYFOXHILITES.com offers a robust online platform where they can showcase their videos and talent,” said Fox Stations V.P. of Digital Media Ron Stitt.

FoxHiLites.com launches on the heels of other high school-focused networking platforms, such as Hearst-Argyle’s Highschoolplaybook.com and Belo’s HSGametime.com.