Fox Shuffles New Season Shows


Tweaking the fall lineup as baseball playoffs take control of the network’s air, Fox is shuffling the schedules of freshman shows Happy Hour and Justice, while two others, Til Death and Standoff, are taking a week-long break from production.

Happy Hour is being preempted this Thursday by a repeat episode of it's lead-in, ‘Til Death. A repeat of ‘Til Death will also bump a planned repeat of Happy Hour’s pilot this Sunday.

In an attempt to get Justice out of the way of the third-season premiere of ABC’s Lost, will not air next week, the new courtroom drama will be replaced replaced by a repeat episode of House.

The schedules of ‘Til Death and Standoff have not changed, but both shows are taking a break from production. Fox starts its fall season several weeks earlier than other networks, meaning that production teams are often racing to keep the pipeline filled. In the case of ‘Til Death and Standoff, the production pause is described as a “writers’ break". Studio 20th Century Fox Television says Standoff will be suspended for a week and half as it brings  in writer Tim Minear as a "consulting producer" , to help energize the show, though Craig Silverman remains the show runner.

Fox’s new shows have been far from electrifying. They debuted in August, while rival broadcasters have been in reruns. Credit Suisee media analyst William Drewry says that since NBC, ABC, CBS and The CW have put on fresh shows, the ratings for Fox shows have fallen 20-35%.