Fox rocks with real Temptation


What a difference a year makes for Fox.

Last year the network was well back in the key demographic areas and struggling on many nights. Now Fox is touting a number of its freshman hits and sitting with the biggest reality hit outside of Survivor with Temptation Island. "We're happy with the sweep but we are certainly cognizant of the fact that we still have a lot of work to do," says Fox Chairman Sandy Grushow. "However, we move forward with momentum, depth and I think a schedule that is solid in key demos on almost every night of the week."

Grushow and entertainment head Gail Berman would not commit to a second installment of controversial Temptation Island, but speculated that the network will likely have another round next season. Grushow, who told reporters that Fox would be getting out of the controversial reality business after Who Wants to Marry a Multimilionaire? last year, defended Fox's airing of Temptation Island. "I don't consider this shockumentary programming. We work in a very dynamic business, times change, things change," Grushow said. Obviously Survivor this past summer led to a fundamental shift in the network television landscape. We knew we had to jump into the game."