Fox To Release Stocking Stuffer for 24 Fans


Fox will include a more extensive “prequel” in the holiday-timed DVD release of 24’s fourth season.

It  also included a stage-setter for last year's DVD release of the drama, but promises more this time around.

Linking the past with the future, the short was filmed over the summer. It focuses on lead character Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) 14 months after the events of last season and four months prior to the start of the new one.

Fox said the Toyota-sponsored prequel, which includes a car chase, will not be broadcast domestically.

“The prequel was a great opportunity to address some unanswered questions from the end of last season," said executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon, "and to give fans some clues from the season ahead.”

Previous 24 DVDs have included other bells and whistles, including extended season-debut episodes. New episodes of the series debut in January.