Fox reduces license expenses


Fox Television Entertainment Group chairman Sandy Grushow said the network
succeeded in reducing license fees for new shows coming on the air next season
by an average of 5 percent to 7 percent compared with last season.

'It is one of the great challenges in our industry,' to get more bang out of
each production-cost dollar, Grushow said. 'It doesn't seem to be enough for
most of us -- [that is] the entire Hollywood creative community -- to see the storm
clouds forming. I fear that not only is everybody going to have to get
drenched, but probably struck by lightning before significant progress is made
on that front. But we are pushing back, and we do see ourselves making some

Grushow cited an upcoming Fox midseason show, Septuplets. as an example of a show 'that will cost
considerably less than just about any drama I've seen come along at Fox in a
long period of time.'