Fox to Re-introduce 'Terra Nova'

Steven Spielberg sci-fi drama gets to make new first impression this week

At Fox's upfront
on Monday night attendees will experience a bit of deja  vu. Fox's big-budget
prehistoric adventure series Terra Nova will the talk of the
presentation for the second year in row, writes The Wall
Street Journal

Originally touted
at last year's upfront, the Steven Spielberg produced sci-fi drama that sends a
group of people from the future back into the time of the dinosaurs has been in
the headlines for its numerous production delays. After being pushed back
twice, Fox claims that Terra Nova will indeed premiere in the fall.

Unlike last year,
when Fox had no footage to show (they used storyboards and renderings), the
network will show an extended trailer featuring the state-of-the-art special
effects that have been the reason for the delays.

Terra Nova's first episode has a
budget estimated at $16 million, some of which will go towards sets for the
entire 13-episode first season.

Fox wasn't the
only network to have a delayed show last year. NBC showed a 12-minute preview
of Love Bites, which never ended up airing (it will receive a limited
run this summer).