Fox promo going on tour


Since most affiliates didn't go to Promax this year, Fox's promotion division is taking its show on the road.

In an effort to reach out to affiliates, a handful of Fox promotion executives will take their act to seven different cities this month, starting in Dallas on July 23. The seven-city tour will then head to Kansas City, Mo., Detroit, Baltimore, Orlando, Boise and finally Los Angeles.

"We are going to meet with the stations face to face to get them excited about the fall and see if we can help them," says Nick Belperio, Fox's vice president of affiliate promotion. "We typically meet with the affiliates every year right before Promax, but the reason we decided to go on the rode this year is because most stations cancelled their corporate travel and nobody went to Promax."

Belperio says Fox executives will be going over new graphics packages, news teases and the fall media plan with station reps. So far, none of the other major networks are planning any similar outings.

The WB held a teleconference with its affiliates on Tuesday, addressing a wide-range of issues including promotion efforts for the fall. - Joe Schlosser