Fox Planning New Video Streaming App Combining Networks

Lachlan Murdoch says consumers will only have to authenticate once to view programming
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21stCentury Fox is planning a new app that will give consumers access to programming from all of its U.S. networks, according to the executive chairman Lachlan Murdoch.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference Tuesday, Murdoch said the app will let viewers move between programming from Fox, National Geographic Channel or FX.

“It will be a seamless transition if you’re watching a show on any one of our networks,” he said. Authentication will be simplified as well, he said. There will be a single authentication application and once accepted, it should work for all channels at all times.

Murdoch said he expected that the single app will provide additional information about viewers, which should make it more efficient to monetize those eyeballs.

“The more data we have on our customers, the better we are at having the capability to monetize through advertising to those consumers,” he said.

At this point, he said, the company’s monetization of its non-linear viewing is up 30% “by using data better and being smarter about how we do it.”