Fox News zings CNN in Times ads


Twice this week, the battle between Fox News Channel and Cable News
Network spilled over to the ad pages of The New York Times.

In the paper's Thursday
edition, a Fox News ad tisked CNN for waffling over if -- and how much -- CNN paid for its collection of al-Qaeda videos.

"CNN ... Caught?" the full-page ad proclaims.

The spread quotes a Times story where CNN
correspondent Nic Robertson, who uncovered the tapes in Afghanistan, and CNN
executives denied paying for the material. Another quote highlighted CNN's admission,
two days later, that it paid $30,000 for the tapes.

On Wednesday, Fox News' full-page color ad poked fun at
CNN's new tag line: "The Most Trusted Name in News," based on a Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
study that cited CNN as the most credible news organization.

The Fox News ad opened with: "Trust this, CNN ... Ratings are the real public-opinion poll." A ratings chart showed how Fox News charged ahead of CNN in
January -- and has stayed there.

Both ads concluded with Fox News' trademark mantra: "We Report. You Decide."