Fox News drops 'fair & balanced' suit


After being battered a federal judge who belittled their case, Fox News
executives dropped their trademark infringement lawsuit against writer Al
Franken Monday.

Fox said it filed papers in federal court Monday afternoon to withdraw the
suit against Franken and his publisher, Penguin Group, which rushed Lies and
the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right
stores late last week.

A Fox spokeswoman said that "It's time to return Al Franken to the obscurity
that he's normally accustomed to."

But Federal District Judge Denny Chin had been equally dismissive of the
network last Friday, saying that any not recognizing Franken’s used of Fox’s
trademarked phrase "fair & balanced" as a joke would have to be "completely

Franken used the dispute to secure lots of TV dates this week, including a
week-long gig co-hosting CNN's Crossfire.