Fox Mocks ABC Exposé


Fox took the opportunity of the huge audience for its finale of American Idol Wednesday night to lampoon the ABC exposé on judge Paula Abdul's purported relationship with, and aid to, former contestant Corey Clark, who is promoting a new CD.

In a skit savaging the May 4 "Fallen Idol" ABC news story, judges and contestants were featured in a tongue-in-cheek news segment about a supposed clandestine relationship between judge Simon Cowell and, as it turned out, himself.

Fox pledged to investigate the allegations, but it has also taken issue with the the Primetime Live special, "Fallen Idol," labeling it a "purported news special filled with rumor, speculation and assertions from a disqualified contestant who admitted during the special to telling lies." An ABC spokesman countered that the broadcast was a "months-long investigation done by serious journalists."