Fox Jury Confined to Cell

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Fox and mobile-phone-content company Mobliss will team up on Fox's interactive reality show, The Jury.

Mobliss will handle the interactive polling feature for wireless phone subscribers who will be able to text-message a guilty or not guilty vote.
Unlike American Idol, the voting will be strictly via text messaging, according to a spokeswoman for Mobliss.

The summer series premieres June 8 at 8 p.m. on Fox. Each week a crime is presented and the audience -- at least the text-messaging audience -- will get to be the jury.
The verdict will be announced at the end of each show.
Mobliss handled the text message voting for American Idol as well as providing American Idol ring tones and a wireless game based on the show.
Text messaging escaped relatively unscathed in the controversy surrounding the Fox American Idol voting.
In fact, one of the knocks on the show was that text messages could get through while a lot of traditional calls couldn't.
Fox had not returned call for comment at press time on why the voting was confined to cell phones, though the Mobliss spokeswoman suggested it might be the logistics of tabulating the results.