Fox Increases V-Chip PSA Airings


In response to Washington’s indecency crackdown, Fox is running its V-chip/ratings public-service announcement more frequently.

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), who pushed for the adoption of the system, has been calling on the networks to increase their educational efforts.

The Fox PSA is a retro-looking slide show that explains the ratings system and V-chip channel-blocking technology. One slide assures it’s "easy to use." That characterization may clash with the V-chip’s pages-long instructions in new TV-set manuals. Still, Fox stands by its claim.

The spot was written in-house, and we’re told the network’s head of creative marketing, who oversaw the spot’s creation, has used the device. The Fox exec insists that setting the V-chip isn’t difficult–no harder than setting the parental controls on AOL.