Fox Has 'Super' Sweeps Debut

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With one week of the February sweeps under their belts, only two of the six networks were up over the first week of February last year in the key 18-49 demo.

Fox was far ahead in the ratings race, primarily on the strength of the Super Bowl and American Idol, with an 11.2/28 rating in 18-49's, almost triple its 4.0/11 at this time last year. Even with the Super Bowl factored out, Fox is still ahead at a 4.6/12.

CBS and ABC were tied at a 3.5/9, down from a 5.1/13 for CBS, but up from a 3.1/8 for ABC, which got a strong number from Lost on Wednesday when Foxed moved Idol to 9 from 8 p.m. slot, where it had been going head-to-head with Lost.

NBC is a close third, with a 3.4/9, though that was down from a 4.7/12 in 2004.

The WB is fifth with a 1.4/3, down from a 1.6/4. UPN is at a 1.2/3, down from a 1.6/4 in 2004.

If the Super Bowl time period were factored out of all of the nets, The WB would also be up slightly from last year, with a 1.7/4.