Fox Drops 'Damn' for Super Bowl


The Fox broadcast network is going to air a special one-hour edition of FSN's Best Damn Sports Show Period from Jacksonville, Fla., on the afternoon of the Super Bowl (Feb. 6), which Fox is broadcasting.

But there’s the little problem of the possibly FCC-unfriendly d-word in the show’s title.
The network’s solution? Ladies and gentlemen, Fox presents: Best Darn Super Bowl Roadshow Period.
This after Fox signed up the reliably inoffensive Paul McCartney for its halftime show.
“Heightened sensitivity on all issues,” says Randy Freer, COO of FSN, led the sports net to “voluntarily” make the damn/darn switch in the title of the rowdy guys-being-guys yakfest co-hosted by Tom Arnold.
Given the fact that, after Janet Jackson’s Hootergate scandal at the Super Bowl last year, the FCC slapped 20 CBS-owned stations with penalties totaling $550,000, FSN’s president Bob Thompson says, “Nobody wants any fines.”

In a related note: There’s no truth to the rumor that the NFL will refer to this year’s Super Bowl XXXIX, as Super Bowl PG-13IX.