Fox Claims Baseball Show Is Educational


Fox’s This Week in Baseball seems an unlikely offering as one of the Federal Communications Commission’s core educational kids shows, as media-consolidation opponents pointed out two weeks ago.

Still, it shows up on plenty of Fox stations’ quarterly reports to the FCC on fulfilling their kids'-TV quota.

Another argument similar to the ones about Jetsons being educational TV or catsup being a vegetable? Absolutely not, says Steve Fortunato, senior managing producer for Major League Baseball productions. Fox decided that, as a Saturday 12:30 p.m. show leading out of a traditional kids viewing period, it should have educational elements.

Per the network’s request, a consultant from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education is assigned to make sure the shows deal with some educational themes and issues, which have included the physics of a curve ball and a tour of a bat-manufacturing facility.

Not like your kids are that interested. In July 2003, the latest sweeps featuring the show, it averaged a 0.1/1 in kids 2-11 and a 0.2/1 in kids 2-17, according to Nielsen. In the vast majority of markets, the show gets hashmarks in the kids demos, meaning there is no measurable audience at all.