Fox Business Channel Still Struggling to Find Its Footing

Network has unveiled its Nielsen ratings for broader consumption

Fox Business Channel is having a hard time gaining the credibility of its sister station, Fox News, reports AdAge.

the network is pushing forward, unveiling its Nielsen ratings for
broader consumption that will give the network more legitimacy with
viewers. In the three years since its inception, Fox Business has made
little headway, only cutting into a portion of CNBC's daytime
viewership. Fox Business currently has only 61.2 million subscribers.

channel does expect to keep growing however, its daytime viewership
jumped up 73% from same time last year, according to recent figures.

Business expects to use its Nielsen numbers to appeal to a broader
range of advertisers.  Ad buyers are rooting for Fox Business to "become
the Pepsi to CNBC's Coca-Cola" because it will create a better
marketplace for advertisers.

Next year the exclusivity pact between CNBC and Dow Jones will expire, giving Fox Business access to use The Wall Street Journal's name, since it is owned by News Corp. The agreement with CNBC was made prior to Dow Jones becoming a subsidiary of News Corp.