Fox, Burnett Team On 'Our Little Genius'

Kid's game show eyes midseason debut

Smart fifth graders aren't enough for Fox, which has picked up a new gamer that revolves around even smarter children.

Little Genius" comes from Mark Burnett Prods. and Zoo Prods., the
shingles behind the net's successful "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth
Grader?" franchise.

This time out, the competish will focus on gifted tykes who are experts on a given topic -- be it astronomy or Shakespeare.

geniuses will answer increasingly difficult questions in their given
topic. The catch: Their parents can choose to walk away with the
accumulated cash at any time.

The kids' parents will decide
whether to trust their genius' answers by consulting with a panel of
experts. If they think their kid is wrong, they may opt to go home.

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