Fox Beats Waterlogged Mouse


David Blaine's unsuccessful attempt to beat the record for holding your breath underwater built steadily over its two hours Monday night and even won its last half hour in the 18-49 demo with a 6 rating/14 share at 9:30.

But the much-hyped sweeps stunt came in third over those two hours and ABC could do no better than fourth on the night in the demo with a 3.8/10. ABC drama What About Brian lost almost half of its waterlogged lead-in, averaging a 3.4/8 for its season finale at 10. The good news was that ABC's 18-49 rating was 52% higher than the same day last May, and Brian's numbers were the best of its very limited run.

Fox was the victor on the night with a 4.8/12 average in the 18-49 demo thanks to a solid performance from Prison Break (3.9/11 at 8-9) and a strong showing from Jack Bauer and the crew on 24 (5.8/14).

CBS had the top-rated show in CSI: Miami with a 6.5/16 at 10-11, which helped it to a second-place finish with a 4.5/11 for the night.

NBC was third with a 4.2/11, led by game show Deal or No Deal, which won its 8-9 time period with a 4.7/13, building strongly from a 4/12 its first half hour to a 5.4/14 in its second.

The WB was fifth with a 2.2/6, followed by UPN at a 1.4/4.