Fox Backs Blu-ray DVD


Twentieth Century Fox is the latest studio to throw its support behind high-definition DVD format Blu-ray, strengthening Blu-ray's position in the race with competitor format HD-DVD. The studio announced today it will use Blu-ray to release TV programs, new films and other content through Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The two formats are set to hit the streets later this year. Sony/MGM and Walt Disney's movie and television divisions have already backed Blu-ray, a next-generation DVD format that can hold more content than the competitor HD-DVD. However, Blu-ray requires brand new DVD replication facilities while HD-DVD can be manufactured in existing facilities. (That’s one reason Warner Bros. supports HD-DVD.)

"Blu-ray is a superior high-definition technology that is a full step forward in the evolution of consumer packaged media," added Mike Dunn, worldwide president of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. "The advanced functionality, picture quality and data capacity at a competitive manufacturing cost...fully realize the promise of a next-generation format and represent the future of home entertainment."