Fox and ESPN Score With Football


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens may not have generated big numbers in his return to Philadelphia, but the same can’t be said about Fox’s coverage of the game.

The highly-anticipated Cowboys-Eagles match-up paced Fox to a 13.9/28 average and 22.1 million viewers, up 29% over the comparable telecast last year. According to Fox Sports, football gave Fox the second highest-rated program across all dayparts, trailing only Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.

On the season, Fox’s national game average is a 13.5/27 in households, up 11 over last year and also seeing strong gains across the young male demos.

ESPN also had good news out of its Monday Night Football franchise, which averaged a 10.3 rating (12.5 million viewers) for Monday’s Denver-Baltimore contest.

On the season, ESPN is averaging just under 12.9 million viewers, a 36% bump compared to the first five weeks of its Sunday night package last year.

And the news could get better next week for ESPN, which has a big-market friendly match-up featuring the undefeated Chicago Bears against the Arizona Cardinals, which should do a strong number in Los Angeles with University of Southern California product Matt Leinert now starting at quarterback for the Cardinals.