Former MSTV president White dies


Margita E. White, 65, former Federal Communications Commission member and president of the
Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV), died Wednesday at Virginia Hospital
Center in Arlington, Va., after a long battle with cancer.

White had been president of MSTV from 1988 through 2001, helping to spur the
transition from analog to digital broadcasting while striving to protect
broadcasters' signal quality.

She served at the FCC from 1976 through 1979 and, before that, was in the White
House Office of Communications under President Nixon and director of that
office under President Ford.

She was also assistant director of the United States Information Agency in 1973 and 1974.

"History will record that Margita's vision, dedication and leadership led to
the creation of digital broadcasting in this country," MSTV president David
Donovan said. "We will miss her intelligence, grace and charm."

Said former FCC commissioner and chairman Jim Quello: "A grievous loss -- a
great, knowledgeable, effective fellow FCC commissioner, an impressive
communications executive, a wonderful human being and an esteemed longtime