Former FCC Chairman Mark Fowler Joins Frontline Push


Frontline Wireless has added yet another former FCC chairman to its management team. 

Mark Fowler. chairman during the Reagan Administration, has joined the company as a founding partner and investor. He joins Reed Hundt, chairman during the Clinton years, who has been pushing the Frontline spectrum plan in Washington.

Frontline is pitching the FCC on a public-private partnership that would use some of the analog broadcast spectrum being reclaimed from broadcasters and auctioned for other uses to create an interoperable public safety communications network.

The system would be operated for profit, but available to first responders during times of emergency.

While Fowler was a deregulatory chairman, in this case, he says, "[r]Regulation also has a legitimate role here, too, to move the U.S. – including first responders – to a wireless broadband society.”

The FCC is expected to come out with its ground-rules for the auction in the next several weeks.