The Forgetful Mr. Shatner


Maybe it was all those wacky ads for Priceline’s cheap airfares. Maybe it was the intergalactic travel at warp speed. Whatever the case, during William Shatner’s acceptance speech at the Emmys after winning best supporting actor in a drama series for his work on Boston Legal, he apparently spaced out the memory of a fishing trip in British Columbia this spring with Boston Legal creator David E. Kelley.

“The other day, uh, I saw David Kelley,” Shatner said at the Sept. 18 ceremony. “I said, ‘Hi, David!’ That was the longest conversation I’ve had with him in the two years of doing this show.” The producer was mystified by the ramblin’ man. “I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it,” says Kelley, laughing. After all, Kelley, Shatner and BL’s James Spader took time out from a shoot in Canada to harass the fish and spend some quality bonding time together. Spader, who won the Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series, managed not to perplex/diss the boss when accepting his award.