Ford, Coke back Idol


Ford Motor Co. and The Coca-Cola Co. are coming back as sponsors of Fox's
American Idol -- which premieres in two parts Tuesday, Jan. 21, and
Wednesday, Jan. 22 -- with AT&T Wireless Services Inc. also signing on as a major sponsor.

Old Navy and Clairol's Herbal Essences are also coming on as new advertising

Sponsorships for the show involve "innovative advertising concepts, product
placements, interstitials and a fresh promotional strategy," Fox said in a
prepared statement.

As part of its sponsorship package, AT&T Wireless plans to launch a
comprehensive marketing campaign and bring exclusive show-related content to its

"The new integrated sponsorships present yet another opportunity for us to
express our vision and will continue the network's tradition of breaking the
mold when it comes to creative relationships with our advertisers," Fox president of sales Jon
Nesvig said.

Ford and Coca-Cola will expand their presence in the second rendition of the
popular summer hit.

Ford will host the "Ford Focus Room," where contestants will share their
feelings with the audience before and after they perform.

Ford will also introduce into the show product placements for its Ford Focus,
its Ford Expedition SUV and the Ford Thunderbird, as well as other
Ford-manufactured vehicles.

Coca-Cola will host the Coca-Cola Red Room, in which contestants will hang
out in between performances.

Coca-Cola will also host interstitials called "Coke- Behind-the-Scenes" that
will provide viewers with a peek of what contestants are doing in their free
time. Those segments will be created for radio, as well.