'The Force' Is with TV


With what has been advertised as likely the last in the Star Trek space TV franchises, UPN's Star Trek: Enterprise, ending its run next month, could Star Wars be picking up the light saber for the next TV science-fiction generation?

It looks promising: Some reasonably long form, TV version, of Star Wars will continue beyond the sixth and final film installment.

According to creator George Lucas, Clone Wars, the Star Wars "really mini" series on Cartoon Network will become a half-hour, 3D series.

The series began as 25, three-minute shorts, expanded to 5, 12-minute chapters with season two, which premiered March 21.

But wait, there's more.

According to official site, starwars.com, Lucas also told a gathering of fans at a Star Wars convention in Indianapolis over the weekend that he plans to create a live-action TV series based on characters from the classic film trilogy. ("hexogy," actually, though that doesn't seem to be a word).

Lucas says he will get the show-runners in place, then "step away," but that the show won't gear up for another year.

If it is successful, however, he hinted it could become the place where various Star Wars themes and threads could be explored (as was the case with the various Star Trek TV incarnations).

But Lucas warned his fans against following Trekkies into their parents' basement.

When a fan asked what Lucas thought of the fans who devote their lives to the movies, he responded that he was grateful, but: "Don't let it take over your lives. That's what they all say about Trekkies, and I know Star Wars fans don't do that.

"The point of the movies is to get on with your lives, to take that challenge, to leave your uncle's moisture farm, to go out in the world and change it to save the universe."