Food Network To Debut Dinner: Impossible


At Food Network, the first course will be an obstacle.

Food has taken the wraps off a new series Dinner: Impossible (cue jazzy theme music with jangling forks and knives subbing for the cymbals).

The series, debuting Jan. 24 on the cable net, features  Robert Irvine--a chef to princes and presidents-- and a team of two sous chefs attempting to serve gourmet meals while facing a diffferent weekly challenge. Like, say, having to shop and prep dinner for 150 people aboard a train at the risk of being left at the station if they fall behind. Then they have the challenge of serving it up in the close--and chugging--confines.

Another features the team attempting to create an 18th century meal cooking over fire pits with period utensils.

The series is produced by Marc Summers Productions.